My 20s (The Asshole Years)

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your 20s

I have two younger brothers in their 20’s. The older of the two is turning 29 this year and in honor of his last year as a twenty-something, I’m sharing my take on this important decade.

Dear Brothers,
When I was in my 20’s I was a real asshole, as was just about everyone I’ve ever known who passed through that decade. I’m not at all saying that you two specifically are assholes and I don’t mean to offend anyone reading this. Every decade that we have the honor of living gets summed up with the virtue of hindsight and I like to refer to my 20’s as The Asshole Years. I use the word as a way to describe how people in their 20’s are sometimes perceived and if we’re lucky enough to be over 30, we were assholes too (and might still be). These are my experiences and…

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Inspired by WordPress

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


Titanic, The Lovely Bones, how the heck did it get there? Is it on a roof? Its been burnt, Ghost Ship, freezer from Tomb Raider, more than just a safe, I know its a safe but I keep thinking freezer. Oddly, its burnt, or rusty, or both. Maybe someone tried to paint it. Who moved this thing up to a roof? Oh maybe the photographer. I hope not, that would make it “staged”. I don’t want the safe/freezer to pose for me, I want it au naturelle, don’t try to convince me you’re edgy and different, just be that. I wonder if its heavy. I think I see writing on the left “door”. Writings on the wall. The rooftop looks like something I’ve watched Jason Bourne play parkour on. I really really really hope this safe wasn’t just purchased and rusted up for the sake of the photo. I mean, there’s a very awesome clash. The freezer is definitely out of place and out of its element, probably not feeling so…. safe. But I would be mildly disappointed if it didn’t end up there of it’s own drunken doing. If it wasn’t bourne into that identity but rather transplanted by some set crew or PA, it wouldn’t be interesting. At. All. 

Ok, apparently it was abandoned in a backyard in Havana (source which makes it all the more interesting. Now I’m thinking it washed up ashore or something. Wait. Lol. That doens’t make much physical sense. It’s probably heavy n stuff lol so maybe it was on a ship. Ooh pirates. 

Ya know what I especially like is the way the door cuts the shot right in the middle practically so that when I enlarge the photo, it looks like a before and after, or at the very least like a comparison between two opposites. White, light grey cement on the left, dark, rusty metal on the right, which only further enforces my first question about how it got there, it’s so different compared to its surrounding. And it’s opened towards me just inviting me in. Oh yes, there is something about you, Safe.

Thanks for listening, Mac.